The Centre provides parents with both knowledge, advice and the support required to help them to achieve the best for their children as they move through the education system.
The Centre specialises in identifying and addressing a range of learning difficulties including :

Learning Difficulty Services:

  • Dyslexia
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD - AD/HD) combined types
  • Opposition Defiant Disorder (ODD)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Bipolar
  • Tourettes Syndrome
  • Dyspraxia
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders
  • D.A.M.P (Defects in Attention Motor Control and Perception)
  • Irien Syndrome

Additional Services:

  • Key Stages: English and Maths
  • G.C.S.E.: English, Maths, History, Classics, Biology
  • Preparation for 11+ entrance exams
  • A Full Range of Adult services
  • Working with Schools
  • Comprehensive Testing and Assessment Service

Our approach

Testing sessions are approximately two hours duration and immediate feedback is given to parents throughout the session, with a verbal summary at the end of the testing period.

This summary explains the strengths and weakness in a particular child's profile and indicates what learning difficulty/or difficulties may be present, as well as recommending the next stage as far as securing help is concerned.

In this way, the assessment procedure investigates for both specific and development difficulties

The Testing Session

  • Estimates Performance IQ (Non-Verbal Reasoning)
  • Estimates Verbal IQ (Verbal Reasoning)
  • Vocabulary Age
  • Single Word Reading
  • Prose Reading: Accuracy
  • Comprehension Reading: Speed
  • Vigilance Task (attention testing)
  • Delay Task (Delay and inhibition)
  • Distractibility Task (visual distractors)
  • Phonological Awareness Tests
  • Rating Scales (where needed)
  • Auditory and Processing Memory
  • Visual Memory
  • Fine Motor Control


All staff at the centre have either completed or are working towards a Post-Graduate Certificate/Diploma in the teaching of children with specific learning difficulties.

Programmes are set up in response to the peaks and troughs defined in the initial assessment material. If pupils present with an Educational Psychologist report, the facts presented in the report will be considered as well. Initial testing will be performed over a few sessions, if no original report is available. Individual recommendation plans are drawn up and carried out

  • Auditory memory training
  • Visual memory training
  • Multi-sensory language programme either
  • D.I.L.P. (Dyslexia Institute Literacy Programme)
  • Kickey
  • Kingston
  • Multi-sensory handwriting programme
  • Mnemonic Card System

Attention Deficit Disorder

The Unit Director has taken a specific interest in ADD and AD/HD over the last 5 years, having researched it at Masters Degree level. The unit works with top psychologists in the field of attentional defects as well as paediatricians and speech therapists and counsellors to ensure the availability of multi-model structure of support.

The Unit coordinates the referrals to these professions and monitors quite closely the success of the interventions applied.

In July 2001, the Unit Director obtained an M.A. in Professional studies in Education. The title of the final theses in 'AD/HD, Its Prominence Assessment And Intervention, With Specific Reference To A Programme For A Child Experiencing This Disorder'.
The Unit 's reputation in the field of attention deficits is now very good and its reports are respected and acknowledge by both health and education authorities.

The centre's experience in this field now stretches back for years. It has been able, through experience, to tease out the subtle changes in presentation of those pupils who overlap into different learning categories as well.

Its over all success with AD/HD pupils has been well recognised and rewarded with a large amount of parental referrals targeted at this area of our expertise.

The Centre's services are delivered from its base in Mossely Hill, Liverpool, and from satellite centres in Marple, Heaton Moor and Bramhall, Stockport.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

The Dyslexia Teaching Centre offers:

  • Structured Multi-sensory teaching
  • Social Skills Programmes
    • Social Stories and other social skills packages applicable to Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Inter school social skills observation and personalised social skills aimed at school integration
  • Circle of Friends packages
    • School Liaison
The Dyslexia Teaching Centre and Schools

The Unit Director currently works within both the Liverpool and Macclesfield areas.

The Centre can currently offer the following skills:
  • Inter school behavioural observation
  • Social Skills programmes
  • Specialist Teaching
  • Inset Days and Staff training
    • Assessment
    • Various areas of SpLD
  • Consultation advice

Dyslexia Teaching Centre and Adults

The Dyslexia Teaching Centre currently has a referral system with one of the local collages of higher education

Its staff expertise means that the following services are on offer to its clients:

  • Assessment of Learning Difficulties
  • Multi-sensory language programmes
  • Study Skills
  • Support with essay writing and revision
  • Social skills training
  • Referral to experts in particular fields of difficulty

The Centre also offers

Available to all children whether or not they have a learning difficulty

  • Key Stages: English and Maths
  • G.C.S.E.: English, Maths, History, Classics, Biology
  • Preparation for 11+ entrance exams